WordPress management

Let us take good care of your site and focus on your core business

Congrats on your new website! What about management…

Who takes care of your website after going live? Your site may be published, but who keeps the engine humming optimally and makes sure the latest WordPress update doesn’t screw up your brand new website? With a management plan you’ll make sure that your website works problem-free 24/7, but especially during that very important event, just as your potential new clients are headed your way.

We highly recommend WordPress management, which helps you to avoid problems with updates and changes. You’ll get a technical contact, who you can always contact if you have any WordPress questions or issues.

A management plan can be tailored to suit your needs

Management does not have to be expensive. Our prices start at 129€/mo+VAT, which includes:

  • WordPress-optimized server for your website with 24/7 support available
  • Automatic daily backups (and free, unlimited manual backups and restores)
  • A sandbox enviroment for testing updates and flexible development of your site without risking down-time to your live site
  • Installing and testing WordPress and plugin updates so you don’t have to worry about it (updates are checked and installed multiple times per week and we test every update in the sandbox environment to avoid any downtime to your live site).
  • 1 hour of development time each month, prioritizing testing and installing updates. With the remaining time any future development can be done on a month-by-month basis. After 1 hour, and only with your explicit approval, further development starts at 105€/h+VAT
  • A recap every month: what happened on your website, what changes were done and why, possible future problems and how to solve them so your site keeps humming perfectly, etc.

Without management your website is like a ship with nobody at the helm. If you renew your website with us, we’ll make a suitable budget for the implementation and management beforehand. This way you’ll avoid surprises and you can be proud of your website now and years later.

Contact Ville for more details: 0407704191 or ville@stealthmodel.fi.