WordPress servers

Leave tinkering under the hood to us.

”Great website, but kinda slow…”

Even the best execution does not guarantee a successful website if the server is not optimized for WordPress. We only work with first-class server providers and we suggest the best option for your particular website. The partners we use offer fast, WordPress optimized servers, daily backups and a 24/7 support service.

Target audience plays a part when choosing servers

Are your clients mainly in Finland? Around Europe? Multiple continents? The server has to be able to deliver your website to your prospective clients fast regardless of their location, 24/7, every day of the year.

It’s worth it to use some time to choose the server. Your prospective client won’t stick around to wait for your website to load. They won’t wait for 10 seconds. Geez, some of them move on if they have to wait for more than a second (one second)! Every second they wait could mean up to  7% loss in revenue (An eye-opening Kissmetrics infographic, pdf). Let that sink in.

We always recommend the best server option for your particular website needs. And the best part: server cost is included in our WordPress management plan! Read more about website care and management here.